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Our history

We are a company specializing in the rental of bicycles and electric scooters for city dwellers looking for fast and ecological travel in urban areas. We are aware of the difficulties of accessing the city center by car and that is why we offer an easy and practical alternative solution. Our electric bikes and scooters are designed to help you get around quickly and effortlessly, while reducing your ecological footprint. So whether you're looking for a quick adventure or a convenient way to get around town, we've got you covered. Book now and discover the city in a new light!


Our mission

Providing a sustainable and convenient travel solution for city dwellers is one of the main reasons our company wants to scale. We aim to promote a greener and more active lifestyle by encouraging the use of environmentally friendly means of transport in areas We believe that everyone deserves access to safe, fast and green transportation, which is why we provide an easy and accessible rental experience for everyone. We are committed to improving the quality of life des aixois(es)   by making travel faster, easier and more fun.


We aim to become a leader in Aix in the rental of electric bicycles and scooters, helping to create our more sustainable and connected city. We want to inspire people to embrace greener, more active lifestyles by providing fast, convenient and eco-friendly travel solutions. Making getting around town easier and more enjoyable for everyone is our challenge, while encouraging participation in healthier and more sustainable communities. By working together, we can build a greener future for generations to come.

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